Can I Change from Oil Bath to Grease on my Hotshot Trailer?

Can I Change from Oil Bath to Grease on my Hotshot Trailer?

The key reason individuals choose an Oil Bath Hub over a Grease Hub is that an oil bath hub has a less complicated maintenance schedule than a grease hub. It is suggested to inspect as well as re-grease the seals and tire bearings every 12,000 miles. With oil bath hubs, 21-88 Dexter mentions checking periodically and refilling when required.

What Are the Advantages of Grease Over Oil?

Although there are several situations where oil is the best option, bearing lubrication with grease is the desired option for over 80 percent of our featured consumers. Several select greases as it doesn’t filter out like oil. Worn seals won’t leak as simply with grease. Oil leaks can damage other components, for example – the brakes.

The Grease Can Last Longer

Grease will stay in place longer than oil due to its higher viscosity. Grease is the desired choice whether longer life is needed. The grease consists of approximately 85 percent synthetic oil or mineral oil with thickeners making up the remainder of the grease volume. Click here to read more about How to Lubricate Your Bearings?

What Are the Advantages of Oil Over Grease?

The most typical reason to use oil for your trailer axle bearings is for long-distance driving. Carrying heavy loads or over long distances, your wheel bearings will reach a high temperature. Since the oil can flow more independently, it may transmit heat away from the working surfaces of the bearings. This creates oil lubricants more effective in these high-temperature and high-speed conditions.

Shaft Bearing Maintenance

The oil can be altered without much hardware disassembly. Grease repackaging is more labor intensive, increasing costs as well as downtime. The volume of oil is simpler to measure likened to grease. Sight glass or level gauges let you monitor the levels of oil. Grease is not so simple to review. This may be an issue, as under or over-greasing can cause the failure of the bearing. Use a reliable 21-88 Dexter to ensure everything run well.

Re-Greasing vs. Oil Change

Most mechanics can suggest that for oil bath hubs you don’t require to modify the oil at any certain interval. If there are no leaks, it must be left alone. On the other hand, if the oil looks milky, it must be modified.

The re-greasing intervals that will always deliver the ideal amount of oil to the bearings can’t constantly be precisely expected. We see that a good interval depends primarily on the operating temperature, the number of hours daily, as well as the speed and size of the bearings.

Certain trailers need to add grease to the bearings every 15 days, some once a month, and even some every 3 months. In applications like this, it is usually useful to thoroughly flush the bearings once a year, repack them with fresh grease, as well as continue with the established re-greasing schedule. Visit to read about The political economy of car dependence: A systems of provision approach.


As a result, the answer to the above question is still yes, a high-quality trailer using oil bath axles can change to grease. The right option depends on the use of your trailer as well as even your preference. Use a reliable 21-88 Dexter or another to make sure things run smoothly.